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Guided Learning Courses on World Bank's eLearning Platform

Guided Self-Learning Sessions: [TBD - Ref: Program Guide]

Course Availability from June (Most of the sessions will take place from 07:30 pm)

Self-Guided Sessions

Tutor Led Interactive Discussion  Session


Student Interaction Plan

Leadership (4 Modules + 4 Interactive Session)

Foundations of Everyday Leadership (University of Illinois)

        1) Head and Heart of Everyday Leadership (4hrs)

                2) Individual Decision Making (3hrs)

                3) Group Decision Making (4hrs)

               4) Managing Motivation (4hrs)

Session 1: Everyday Leadership (1hr)


Tutor: Prof. Patricia Werhane

June 17

C4D Discussion (worldbank.org)

Facilitators will provide regular engagement on e-discussion platform


Session 2: Diagnosing Adaptive Challenges (1.5hr)


Session 3: Strategies  to Tackle Adaptive Challenges (1.5hr)


Session 4: Effective Communication in 21st Century Digital Era (1.5hr)


Tutor: Dr. Abdullah Khan

June 3rd


June 7th


June 10

Unconscious Bias (4 Modules + 2 Interactive Session)

1)       Understanding Unconscious Bias (1hr)

2)       Unconscious Bias and Gender (1hr)

Session 1: Develop awareness of social dynamics at work and about personal biases (1hr)


Tutor: Dr. Josebe Bilbao-Henry

1st June

C4D Discussion (worldbank.org)

Facilitators will provide regular engagement on e-discussion platform


               3)Unconscious Bias and Micro-inequities (1hr)

               4) Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership (1hr)

Session 2: Understand behavioral implications of unconscious bias.


Tutor: Dr. Josebe Bilbao-Henry

22nd June

Technical Foundations of Energy (4 Modules)

1)       Gender Equality and Energy (3hrs) – Self

2)       Transmission Systems (3hrs) – Self

3)       Power System Planning (1hrs) – Self

Session 1: Gender Equality and Energy (1hr)

June 16

Discussion (worldbank.org)

Facilitators will provide regular engagement on e-discussion platform


Session 2: Introduction to energy and basics of the electricity sector (1hr)


Tutor: Dr. Debabrata Chattopadhyay

Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank

June 17

Session 3: Generation – Gas and Renewables (1hr)


Tutor: Dr. Zuzana Dobrotkova

Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank

June 23

Session 4: Energy Efficiency (1 hour)

Tutor: Dr. Ashok Sarkar

June 23


Session 5: Energy transition towards NetZero Emissions – international perspective (1 hour)

Session 6: Decentralised Renewable Energy applications, and potential (1.5 hour)

Tutor: Dr. Srinivas Shroff

June 26th



Session 7: MIT, D-Lab): the Biomass Cookstove Experience (1 hour)

Dr. Dan Sweeney

June 27th



Session 8: Practical Introduction to Energy Assessment  (2 hours)


Dr. Julie Sieving, Director – University of Utah Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center

Dr. Asad Sahir – Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar

·         Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

·         US Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center’s

·         IAC’s Women for Energy Efficiency (WE2)

June 30, July 1st


Solve-a-thon Prep

1)       Agile Meets Design Thinking (4hrs)


Session 1:Brings together key skills learned in the previous sessions to utilize design thinking for the Solve-a-thon (1.5hr)

July 15th

Discussion (worldbank.org)

Key Skills (Optional)

1)       Business Writing (13hrs)

2)       Public Speaking (16hrs)

Tutors will be available to answer questions on e-discussion platform.


Find the Orientation Document Here: Click

Solve-A-Thon and Closing session will take place in Late July!